Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Model Question Paper - 4

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Inflammation of the tongue__
    A) Glossitis
    B) Oritis
    C) Chelitis
    D) Stomatitis

2. Food allergy occurs by a immunoglobulin__

    A) IgM
    B) IgE
    C) IgD
    D) IgA

3. String sign is seen in____

    A) Chrohn's disease
    B) Ulcerative colitis
    C) Hernia
    D) IBD

4. Premature ventricular contraction occur in?

    A) Damage to the myocardium
    B) Lack of oxygen
    C) Electrolyte imbalance
    D) All of the above

5. Testosterone is produced in male:

    A) During childhood
    B) Before childhood
    C) After years
    D) at puberty

6. Prophylaxis of hydrophobia is__

    A) ATS
    B) ADS
    C) ARS
    D) TT

7. The term placenta praevia is____

    A) Early development of placenta
    B) Early placental expulsion
    C) Implantation of placenta in lower uterine segment
    D) None

8. Thermometer was discovered by___

    A) Fahrenheit
    B) Caryson
    C) Celsius
    D) Clement

9. Lead poisioning in children is treated by___

    A) Penicilline
    B) EDTA
    C) Succimer
    D) BAL

10. Most commonly associated human papilloma virus with cervical cancer is?

    A) HPV 16
    B) HPV 24
    C) HPV 32
    D) HPV 36