Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Some Facts: Medical-Surgical Nursing - 1

1. Prolonged nasogastric suctioning and steroid therapy may cause metabolic acidosis.

2. Tachycardia and tachypnoea are the earliest clinical manifestations of respiratory distress.

3. Drainage from a chest tube should not be more than 200 ml/hour over 2 hrs.

4. After abdominal surgery, normal bowel sounds appear 12-24 hrs within surgery.

5. Bile is produced in the liver. the liver produces 500 to 800 ml of bile daily.

6. The patient should fast for at least 8 hrs before a fasting glucose test.

7. The patient with Crohn's disease, should take low fat diet.

8.The typical first sign of testicular cancer is painless enlargement of testicle.

9. Before undergoing abdominal paracentesis, the patient should void urine. it reduces the risk of rupturing the bladder

10. The classic symptoms of meningitis are neck rigidity, severe headache and fever.

11. A high fat diet is associated with colon cancer.

12. Benign tumors are encapsulated,localized and slow growing tumors

13. Alcohol consumption without food intake can cause hypoglycemia.

14. In breast cancer, common site for metastasis is bone and lungs.

15. Hodgkin's disease is a malignancy of the lymph nodes.

16. Pernicious anemia occurs due to deficiency of vitamin B12

17. The classic side effects of antihistamines are dry mouth and blurred vision.

18. Status epilepticus is a life threatening emergency. in this seizures occurs continuously.

19. About 22% of cardiac output goes to kidneys.

20. Cardiac output = Stroke volume x heart rate.