Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Microbiology (Question set 1)

Objective questions

1. Who discovered vibrio cholerae (cholera) ?
     a) Robert koch
     b) Ronald ross
     c) A. necholaier
     d) Alexander flaming

2. Who discovered the mycobacterium leprae bacilli?
    a) Edward janer
    b) Yersin
    c) Loeffler
    d) Hansen

3. Streptomycin antibiotic was discovered by?
    a) Alexander flaming
    b) Waksman
    c) frankel
    d) Neisser

4. Who discovered microscope first time ?
    a) James paget
    b) Nall & ruska
    c) Anton Van leeuwenhoek
    d) Kircher

5. Who discovered antibiotic penicilline?
    a) Alexander flaming
    b) Edward janer
    c) Waksman
    d) None of these

6. Which of the fallowing is the function of mesosome in bacteria?
    a) Respiration
    b) Cell division
    c) Sporulation
    d) All of the above

7. BCG is a..
    a) Live attenuated vaccine
    b) Killed vaccine
    c) Toxoid
    d) Immunoglobulin

8. Culture media is sterilized by which of the following method?
    a) Autoclaving
    b) Hot air oven
    c) Boiling
    d) Ionizing radiation

9. Presence of pathogenic bacteria in the blood is known as...
   a) Toxemia
   b) Septicemia
   c) Bacteremia
   d) All of the above

10. Schick test is done for the diagnosis of..
    a) Rubella
    b) Measles
    c) Diphtheria
    d) Mumps

Answer keys:
1.A 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.A 6.D 7.A 8.A 9.C 10.C