Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Child Health Nursing (Question set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In following which disease is not transmitted mainly by Fecal-Oral route__
    A) Enteric fever
    B) Measles
    C) Cholera
    D) Hepatitis - A

2. What is the most common cause of death due to diarrhoea__

    A) Vomiting
    B) Dehydration
    C) Abdominal pain
    D) Lethargy

3. Total lung capacity in a newborn is____

    A) 100ml
    B) 350ml
    C) 500ml
    D) 150ml

4. Who suggested the guidelines for the clinical diagnosis of acute rheumatic fever?

    A) Dr.T. Duckett Jones
    B) Robert Koch
    C) Landsteiner
    D) Michael Smith

5. During infancy which is the commonest cause of myocarditis?

    A) haemophilus influenzae
    B) Streptococci
    C) coxsackie b infection
    D) Pneumococci

6. In following which is a killed vaccine__

    A) OPV
    B) BCG
    C) MMR
    D) Rabies

7. Kernicterus, which may occur as a complication of jaundice, is a pathological condition of____

    A) Liver
    B) Brain
    C) Kidney
    D) Heart

8. In following which is a hereditary hemolytic anaemia___

    A) Aplastic anaemia
    B) Thalassemia
    C) Megaloblastic anaemia
    D) All

9. cryptorchidism means___

    A) Enlargement of testes
    B) Inflammation of testes
    C) Small testes
    D) Undescended testes

10. Positive Brudzinski and Kernig's sign are the symptoms of__

    A) Meningitis
    B) Encephalitis
    C) Pneumonia
    D) Glomerulonephritis