Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Model Question Paper - 3

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The dose of lignocaine used as local anesthetic in the repair of episiotomy wound is___
    A) 5% 10ml
    B) 1% 5ml
    C) 1% 10ml
    D) 0.5% 5ml

2. In this which drug is used as urinary antiseptic

    A) nitrofuration
    B) metoclopramide
    C) metronidazole
    D) Gentamycin

3. Adrenaline is used in which kind of shock?

    A) Cardiogenic shock
    B) Septic shock
    C) Anaphylactic shock
    D) None of the above

4. Which one of the drug is fast acting anticoagulants?

    A) Heparin
    B) warfarin
    C) hirudin
    D) Vitamin K

5. Example of Glucocorticoids

    A) Dopamine
    B) Dapsone
    C) Prednisolone
    D) None of the above

6. Which of the following is a drug of choice for cardiogenic shock?

    A) Noradrenaline
    B) Dopamine
    C) salbutamol
    D) None of the above

7. In this which one is inducing sleep?

    A) Sedatives
    B) Hypnotics
    C) Analgesic
    D) Histamines

8. MORO reflex disappears by the age of___

    A) 4 weeks
    B) 1 year
    C) 6 months
    D) 3 months

9. High protein diet is recommended in the following except___

    A) Nephrotic syndrome
    B) Kwashiorkor
    C) Marasmus
    D) acute glomerulonephritis

10. Congestive cardiac failure may be treated with the following except____

    A) Lots of fluid
    B) Diuretics
    C) Oxygen
    D) Digitalis