Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Obstetrics and gynaecology (Question set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The colour of amniotic fluid is___
    A) Clear pale straw colour
    B) Dark colour
    C) Yellow colour
    D) None

2. Aspiration of amniotic fluid for examination____

    A) Polysynthesis
    B) Hydrosynthesis
    C) Amniocentesis
    D) None

3. The umbilical cord otherwise known as___

    A) Funis
    B) Follopian tube
    C) U-cord
    D) Placenta

4. The white creamy substance on the fetus is called____

    A) White coat
    B) Milky patch
    C) Vernix caseosa
    D) None

5. The appearance of violet blue discoloration of the vaginal membrane after conception is known as___

    A) Hegar's sign
    B) Osiander's sign
    C) Quickening
    D) Jacquemier's sign

6. The pregnant woman complains of numbness and "Pins and needles" in her fingers and hands. the condition is called as?

    A) Carpal tunnel syndrome
    B) Vericosites
    C) Pica
    D) Heart burn

7. Pueperium period is:

    A) Soon after birth of baby
    B) Soon after placental separation to 5 days
    C) Soon after placental separation to 6 weeks
    D) None of the above

8. The hormone oxytocin is secreted by

    A) Uterus
    B) Vagina
    C) Overy
    D) Posterior pituitory gland

9. Side effects of oral contraceptive pills___

    A) Venous thrombosis
    B) Htpertension
    C) Impaired glucose tolerance
    D) All of the above

10. The immunoglobulin that crosses the placental barrier____

    A) IgG
    B) IgM
    C) IgA
    D) None of the above