Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Anatomy and physiology (Question set 2)

Objective questions

1. Total number of lobes in the liver are
     a) 3
     b) 4
     c) 5
     d) 6

2. Kuffer cells are found in
     a) Lungs
     b) Pancreas
     c) Liver
     d) Intestine

3. Cystic duct is the duct of__
     a) Liver
     b) Pancreas
     c) Gall bladder
     d) Duodenum

4. The most abundant plasma proteins is__
     a) Albumin
     b) Globulin
     c) Fibrinogen
     d) Pepsin

5. The process of blood cell formation is known as___
     a) Haemostasis
     b) Haemopoiesis
     c) Erythropoiesis
     d) Haemocytosis

6. The diameter of RBC is
     a) 5μ
     b) 7μ
     c) 12μ
     d) 17μ

7. Number of O2 molecules carried up by one molecule of Hemoglobin is__
     a) 2
     b) 4
     c) 6
     d) 8

8. Number of Hemoglobin molecules carried by an average RBC is about
     a) 4
     b) 1
     c) 280 million
     d) 400 million

9. The volume of red cells in 1/mm3 of blood is known as__ 
     a) Mean cell volume
     b) Packed cell volume
     c) Mean cell hemoglobin concentration
     d) Mean cell WBC

10. Synthesis of large molecule from smaller molecules is known as__
     a) Anabolism
     b) Catabolism
     c) Absorption
     d) Metabolism

Answer keys:
1.B 2.C 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.B 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.A