Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Medical-Surgical Nursing (Question set 3)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Xerostomia means__
    A) Inflamation of the stomach
    B) Dry mouth
    C) Hair loss
    D) Difficulty in swallowing

2. Radio-isotopes used for treatment of cancer are__
    A) Isotope of cobalt
    B) Cesium - 137
    C) Iodine - 125
    D) All

3. Gradual sensorineural hearing loss that occur with aging is known as____
    A) Presbycusis
    B) Perceptive
    C) Conductive
    D) Receptive

4. Which of the following is a diagnostic test for diagnosis of prostate cancer-
    A) Digital rectal examination
    B) Transrectal ultrasound
    C) PSA (Prostate specific antigen asaay)
    D) All of the above

5. After laryngectomy the position that should be given to patient is-
    A) Fowlers
    B) Supine
    C) Lateral
    D) Prone

6. Collapse of lung tissue is termed as__
    A) Atelectasis
    B) Bronchiectasis
    C) Tracheobronchitis
    D) Pneumonia

7. Sudden irregular aimless involuntary movement found in rheumatic fever is known as___
    A) Carditis
    B) Polyarthritis
    C) Chorea
    D) Ataxia

8. Cardiac tamponade is a___
    A) Inflammation of heart
    B) Accumulation of fluid in pericardium
    C) Injury to cardiac valves
    D) None of these

9. Which of the following is the most common trisomy__
    A) trisomy 18
    B) trisomy 21
    C) trisomy 11
    D) trisomy 5

10. Action of Dopamine is__
    A) Maintain BP
    B) Maintain pulse rate
    C) Maintain temprature
    D) Improve respiration