Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Medical-Surgical Nursing (Question set 2)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tetany occurs due to__
    A) Hypernatremia
    B) Hyponatremia
    C) Hypocalcemia
    D) Hypercalcemia

2. Main complication of appendicitis is__
    A) Perforation
    B) Piles
    C) Jaundice
    D) Liver cirrhosis

3. In head injury, mannitol is given to____
    A) Prevent seizures
    B) Decrease ICP
    C) Maintain body temprature
    D) Loss of appetite

4. Commonest cause of liver cirrhosis is-
    A) Infection
    B) Analgesics
    C) Alcohol
    D) Caffine

5. Eye padding is applied on unconscious patients to prevent-
    A) Dryness of eye
    B) Blinking of eyes
    C) Corneal ulcer
    D) Eye movement

6. Top priority treatment of ventricular fibrillation includes__
    A) ECG monitoring
    B) Proper positioning
    C) CPR
    D) Catheterization

7. Stages of malaria fever includes except___
    A) Cold stage
    B) Hot stage
    C) Fever stage
    D) Sweating stage

8. What is the cause of anaemia in chronic renal failure___
    A) Decreased erythropoietin
    B) Hemolysis
    C) Production of immature RBCs
    D) Inappropriate renal functioning

9. Management of cardiac arrest include except__
    A) Massive I.V. infusion
    B) O2 therapy
    C) Clearance of airway
    D) Cardiac compression

10. Guillain barre syndrome is a disease of which of the following__
    A) Brain
    B) Spinal cord
    C) Peripheral nerve
    D) All of the above