Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Multiple Choice Questions - 1 (2021)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Anuria is defined as -
    A) Failure to release urine
    B) Blood in the urine
    C) Excessive urine production
    D) Excessive urine production at night

2. Which substance does not normally pass through the glomerular capsule?

    A) Albumin
    B) Glucose
    C) Sodium ions
    D) Urea

3. Progesterone is secreted by ____

    A) The mature follicle
    B) The ovarian follicle
    C) The corpus luteum
    D) The corpus albicans

4. Which white blood cells form antibodies?

    A) Neutrophils
    B) Basophils
    C) Monocytes
    D) B-lymphocytes

5. Which does not produce energy in the body?

    A) Fat
    B) Carbohydrate
    C) Protein
    D) Water

6. Which cells produce intrinsic factors within the stomach?

    A) Chief cells
    B) Enteroendocrine cells
    C) Parietal cells
    D) Mucous cells

7. The wandering phagocytes found in the alveoli are called -

    A) Goblet cells
    B) Alveolar macrophages
    C) Pulmonary cells
    D) Chalice cells

8. Placenta produces -

    A) Progesterone
    B) Oestrogen
    C) Chirionic gonadotropins
    D) All of the above

9. Spinal cord is continuous with which part of the brain?

    A) Cerebrum
    B) Medulla oblongata
    C) Midbrain
    D) Pons

10. How many daughter cells are produced in meiosis cell division?

    A) 8
    B) 6
    C) 4
    D) 2