Study guide for nursing competitive exams

Medical-Surgical Nursing (Question set 4)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Route of Tuberculin test is__
    A) Subcutaneous
    B) Intradermal route
    C) Intramuscular route
    D) Intravenous

2. Dose of tuberculin injection is__

    A) 0.1 ml
    B) 0.2 ml
    C) 0.3 ml
    D) 0.4 ml

3. Pre-operative deep breathing and coughing exercises are to prevent mainly____

    A) Bronchitis
    B) Hypotension
    C) Upper respiratory tract infection
    D) Atelectasis

4. Which of the following drugs can cause respiratory arrest__

    A) Digoxin
    B) Dopamine
    C) Morphine
    D) KCL

5. A COPD patient who is hypertensive should avoid the following drug___

    A) Beta blocker
    B) Calcium channel blocker
    C) ACE inhibitor
    D) Loop diuretics

6. Pulmonary surfactant is__

    A) Lecithin
    B) Dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine
    C) Dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl serine
    D) Sphingosine

7. Swan ganz catheter___

    A) Tight atrial flow
    B) Pulmonary capillary resistance
    C) Left ventricular pressure
    D) CVP

8. In which condition digoxin is prescribed___

    A) Systolic heart failure
    B) Atrial fibrillation
    C) Atrial flutter
    D) All of the above

9. Best diagnostic aid to myasthenia gravis is__

    A) ECG
    B) EMG
    C) Chest X-ray
    D) Response to IV edrophonium

10. Impotence is a feature of which of the following__

    A) Multiple sclerosis
    B) Poliomyelitis
    C) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    D) Meningitis